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Nearshore services

The Software Creators work with K2 available near you to help you and support your development, any time and everywhere.

FABRITY nearshore services - comprehensive support for BPM and process application development and IT solutions on the K2 platform. No limits. A stable and experienced team of consultants with over 10 years of implementation work in BPMS K2 is focused on your success.

Tools, expertise and experience that guarantee the success of the project.

 FABRITY experience in K2 project development

Access to K2 specialists in Europe.

 Benefits of nearshore model cooperation

Full scope of services on the K2 platform. Cooperation models adapted to your needs.

 Scope of services and project cooperation models

Case Studies

Sanofi streamlines over 100 business processes with K2

K2 gives Sanofi Group all the functionality and flexibility it needs to create and adapt workflow business applications, as necessary. The company has, to date, implemented more than 100 K2 workflow applications, across all areas of the business.
The adoption of K2 has led to significant improvements in efficiency across the businesses.